After months of planning our new website is finally here! Just in time to launch our Christmas range. You can't say we do things by halves. 

So why did we change our website?

If you know us you have probably been following our journey over the past few years from our early days packing boxes in our house! When we first started we created a free website page, just to check the appetite for craft boxes. Once we got those first orders we moved to a platform that was specifically for subscription boxes. We have grown significantly over our short life and we now sell our boxes as one off purchases as well as run our subscription, which means we needed a site that was more able to display our range easily. Plus all the lovely how to videos and products that are to come.

How do you find your account?

If you look at the top right-hand corner or the desktop site or there is a little silhouetted face, ( I illustrated) that's the account icon. If you are on mobile its the bar below. Your log in is the same but there are lots of amazing things you can now control such as which box you get next, when you get your box and the incredible loyalty programme we have set up! 

Are there new ways to pay?

Yes! It had always been a bugbear of ours that you always had to enter your card details on the old site, on this platform you can use Apple Pay & Google Pay using your mobile wallet. 

Whats next?

Now we have this beautiful website we are planning on expanding on all our ranges to bring you more of what you love. We are also going to be hosing full video workshops and much more. Just wait and see! 

We hope you love the new site, if you have any questions about your account or how to use it please do email us and lovely Elle will be there to help you.

Sending lots of love,


Hannah x



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