As you know we release at least one new project every month and as this is the beginning of the month, we have a new design for you. About 8 weeks ago I put out a poll on Instagram to see which project people would like to try the most. English Paper Piecing came out first so here we are! I couldn’t see that anyone else had created a ladybird design out in the world and I have wanted to create something like this for a while. This is a first for me too and took a few attempts to get the pattern just right. Which essentially is like a jigsaw puzzle.

It's lovely to put together and comes with the materials for a stuffed wall hanging (essentially a giant floral bug) or you can use the pattern with water-soluble paper ( or hand remove the paper) to make it into an applique for a cushion, tote bag, blanket, jacket or whatever else you can think of.

Shop English Paper Piecing Ladybird.


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