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Signed Couture Craft Gifts Book & Giant Rainbow Icelandic Paper Poppies Bundle

To celebrate the launch month of Hannah's new book; Couture Craft Gifts this month subscribers will receive an exclusive signed copy of the book plus a materials bundle to make the colourful crepe paper Icelandic paper poppies featured in the book. 

About the book: In this inspirational yet practical craft book you will have access to a plethora of wonderful gifting and wrapping ideas that won't break the bank. With a luxury modern feel and lots of insider stylist hints and tips, this book features darling projects that are simple to make and versatile enough for a range of occasions, from birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to Christmas.

The Icelandic Poppies: Who wouldn’t adore receiving a single stem of an entire bunch of these breathtaking Icelandic poppies? These showstopping flowers are made with delicious Italian crepe paper which keeps its shape and colour that lasts. In this kit, you will receive a paper bundle, along with wire, glue and florist’s tape. Enough materials to make five large multi-coloured poppies which measure approximately 17cm/ 6 ½ inches across the petals.

Worth £39* for only £25.99!

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