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8" x 10" 3D Box Photo Frame - By Nicola Spring

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Give cherished memories and beloved friends and family members the showcase they deserve with this 8" x 10" Box Photo Frame from Nicola Spring.

When it comes to interior design, it's the walls and how you decide to decorate them that brings out the true character of your home. Our Nicola Spring 3D Box Photo Frame is ideal for anybody looking to make a statement, with bold lines and a dynamic floating effect that demands to be the centre of attention.

What truly sets these frames apart from the competition, however, is the cover; a sheet of genuine glass that bathes the photography or artwork behind it in a luxurious shine.

For a final pièce de resistance, this box photo frame comes with a removable 'spacer frame' that gives you the choice of three display positions. Combine all three across multiple frames for a striking multi-dimensional effect!

  • Frame Width: 225mm
  • Frame Height: 275mm
  • Frame Depth: 35mm

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