Hello and a warm welcome to our story...

Hi my name is Hannah and this is my family. I am the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MakeBox & Co. You can also spot my husband Brendan who is the CEO and Co-Founder. Yes we are married and we work together! 

Prior to founding this company I was a stylist, presenter and author working with big brands. I’ve sold around 250,000 craft books in my time and worked with some of the UK’s most exciting brands.

Brendan and I met a million moons ago at Central St Martins. He went on to become a fashion designer before an entrepreneur. 

Here is our story of starting MakeBox & Co. …

MakeBox & Co.

Life After Loss
20 March 2018

Our story starts I’m sorry to say with sadness. Life can be challenging, and we know that our family and friends are the cornerstone to happiness.

We started this business after the loss of our son Bertie who was stillborn close to full term. This made us stop and think about everything, reevaluating what was important to us, what would make us happy? We both had very busy careers and realised that what we wanted was to spend more time together. Creating a business in something we truly believe in. We know first-hand how creativity can help with wellbeing and stress. We wanted to share this with the world.

February 2019
The First Makebox

I was 6 months pregnant with Posey and MakeBox & Co. was born! My first design was the embroidery Bee Kind, a bee inspired by our son Bertie Bee. In our first month we had 300 orders and packed them all over our house. Our eldest Teddy thought it was great, the boxes were his fort. The mail men who came to collect them thought we were mad! This box was first released in May 2018. 

Bee Kind

March 2019
Moving to our Studio

Month two we moved into a studio in West Dulwich London, and we quickly found some friends, family and neighbours to help pack the boxes! And shortly welcomed our first ( non parent) employees! 

June 2019
Special Delivery!

Posey was born and has lit up our lives ever since. We celebrated her birth by releasing the Over the Rainbow box, which has now raised thousands of pounds for Tommy’s the Baby Loss Charity though its donations. A rainbow baby is a child born after loss. 

Over the rainbow

September 2020
Getting Noticed by Retail

We launched our first exclusive retail range with Boots. The range sold out within days online! We continue to work with and grow with the brand in their wellness department and now work with a number of retailers including John Lewis and Hobbycraft and more. 

March 2020
The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic hits and lockdown begin. The nation rediscovers their love of crafting and Hannah hosts free regular craft sessions on Instagram live which are viewed by 1000s every week. Our rainbows sell out overnight.

September 2021
Nominations & Awards

Hannah nominated for Entrepreneurial Businesswoman of the Year. A big boost showing all the hard work is starting to pay off!

October 2021
Launch of new website

We are thrilled to launch this very website you are on now, moving us from a basic platform to a fully fledged retail site. The opportunities are endless!

Thank you so much for reading our story. I do hope you can be part of the rest of our journey x

Let’s get to know each other better!

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