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This delicious textural weaving uses sumptuous chunky yarns paired with pure Marino wool to create the most beautiful floral weaving. Designed in comforting hues of soft grey, heather and pale pink with pops of mustard and sage green macrame leaves. This weaving is finished with a fun shabby tasselled trim.

You will love creating this gorgeous design with the exclusive MakeBox & Co. custom-made hardwood loom. This lightweight yet extremely strong loom is easy to use and can be taken anywhere, which means you are going to adore relaxing and making this project at your own ease. This woven design is simple to achieve with our full step-by-step instructions, plus with every purchase you have access to an exclusive free step-by-step video. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and we guarantee you will become loopy for weaving!

Finished weaving size (not including hanging loop) 45cm/ 18 inch height by 20cm/ 8 cm width.

What's in the box: MakeBox & Co. Hardwood engraved and bee cut out loom, shuttle and comb/ Large weaving needle/ Dowling rod/ Warp thread/ Super chunky acrylic yarn in grey and sage/ Chunky yarn, in mustard/ 5g x Marino wool roving in heather, light pink, natural white/ Colour how to booklet/ How to video

Worth a combined £34* for only £25.99!

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