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* This is a subscription product that renews on the 11th of every month. You have full control to skip or cancel within your customer account area. By subscribing you are agreeing to our terms of sale.

  • EARLY BIRD ONLY OFFER: A third project worth £5.99 when you sign up. Delivered as a code directly to your email.

  • Two new exclusive digital projects (worth £11.98) every month

  • Video turorials

  • An invitation to a monthly live video craft clinic

  • Exclusive access to early product releases and discounts

  • An exclusive loyalty points programe only available to members

  • Complete control to pause, skip or cancel to suit you.

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Inspiring you every month

This subscription is perfect for the crafter with a stash of materials at home who loves being inspired. You will have access to the full MakeBox digital library with exclusive new content every month.

We also know budgets are tight at the moment and we wanted to offer an alternative to our flagship subscription box product.

And this is ideal for our international customers who want to join in the fun but avoid postage costs!!

What could be more perfect than MakeBox at your fingertips whenever you need us?

So much great content!

* A subscriber exclusive new inspirational craft project download every month or on a schedule to suit you.

* Full video for the box of the month. 

* An additional digital download project every month direct to your inbox. This can be the latest new download or a project of your choice. 

* An invitation to a monthly live video craft clinic.

* Exclusive access to early product releases and discounts.

* An exclusive loyalty points program only available to subscribers.

* Complete control to pause, skip or cancel your deliveries.

Simple, Easy, Flexible

You have complete control to receive, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. We send a reminder of your renewal 3 days before it happens to give you a chance to decide what to do, which could be:

- Receive your monthly download and extra codes as normal

- Request two codes instead of the doenload of the month so you can choose your projects

- Skip a month so you don't get charged

- Cancel your subscription

Download of the Month: The Three Little Mosaic Birds

This set of three mosaic birds really is the most beautiful and delicate design to create. Using our premium ceramic and glass tiles made in Holland, the tiles are in calming tones of soft greens, blues and pinks, adorning the birds in floral and flowing patterns. They are a reminder of peace and calm. As the great Bob Marley says, “don't worry about a thing”, allowing all of your worries to float away.

Mosaics are hands on and a little bit messy which makes them a fun thing to do with all the family.

*You will also be sent an additional code to download ANY other project from our digital library


Take a look at our stunning library of beautiful creative projects. Each month you can opt to receive the latest release or select from the other projects available.