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Bee Wild - Digital Download

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Welcome to the Bee Wild embroidery. This is the perfect embroidery companion for some relaxed stitching in a calm corner of your home or even take it outside for some real-time inspiration! This design really does worship the beautiful Honey Bee in the centre, surrounded by magnificent wildflowers from Buttercups to Oxeye Daisies, Red Campion ( which is actually bright pink), a Dandelion and Wild Tulip alongside much more.

Here at MakeBox & Co., we love bees, and they have a lot of significance for us personally and our brand. Did you know that bees pollinate 70 of the 100 species of crops that feed 90% of the world? Honey Bees are responsible for £21 billion worth of crops a year. They are a key part of our ecosystem and deserve to be celebrated for all of their hard work

You will need: 9-inch embroidery hoop/14-inch cotton or linen square/ 9 inch felt square for backing/ Embroidery threads.

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What's included?
Materials list/ Video tutorial/ Photographic How-to instructions/ Pattern/ Stitch Guide

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