We have some exciting news. We are launching our #mymakebox monthly giveaway for the best box shared on social media! Each month we will choose the two makers that we think deserve to win the prize of that month's crafting queen and they will win cash ( yes cash prize).

We have two categories:

CRAFTING QUEEN This category is for the best project, you will win a £50 cash prize and your project will be shared on our social media accounts. We will select two potential winners and leave it to the public to decide.

I MADE THIS! This category is for crafters who may not be an expert but really enjoyed the process. This can be your version of the final make in your own unique style. You will win a £25 cash prize.

To enter any of your makes you can simply share them using #mymakebox on Instagram or Facebook plus to double check we have seen them email them to us mymakebox@makebox.co

The potential winners will be selected on the 25th of each month and then announced the following week.

Good luck!!

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