With Halloween around the corner there’s no time like the present to get crafting some spooky decorations. These fun and simple designs are all made with simple large pompoms at the base and are perfect for decorating with the kids! We've used the Pompoloom and our Halloween Yarn Pack to make ours.


Feel free to drag and drop the steps images onto your desktop or print out if you are making these with little ones, they are all A4.



Black yarn
White felt
PVA, fabric glue or glue gun
Fabric scissors


1. Using the black yarn, wrap around the smaller side of the Pompoloom around 60 times.
2. Cut a length of yarn around 25cm long, double it up and thread this through the middle open section of the Pompoloom. Pull tightly and tie a double knot. Wrap this yarn around the middle a few times knotting front and back as you go. 
3. Once the centre is secure, slide a sharp pair of scissors along the side of the Pompoloom and snip away the pompom. 
4. Neatly trim the pompom into a smooth neat round shape. 

6. Once your rounds are looking nice and even it's time to add the legs. 

7. Thread four of the black pipe cleaners through the middle of the pompom so half the leg is either side. Trim the bottoms of the all the legs so they are all even. 

8. It should look like this. 

9. Fold the feet upwards. 

10. Now it's time to add the features! Please refer to the end of this post to see how. 






Orange yarn
Black felt
Dark green felt
PVA, fabric glue or glue gun
Fabric Scissors

1. Wrap the orange yarn around the top section of the Pompoloom approximately 120 times for the larger pumpkin. 

2. Or around the bottom section around 60 times for the smaller pumpkin.

3. Cut a length of yarn 30cm for the larger pumpkin or 25cm for the smaller pumpkin. Double this up then thread through the middle of the Pompoloom as shown in the image. Pull tightly and double knot, wrap the yarn around front and back a couple of times knotting and you go to secure.

5. Side a sharp pair of scissors down the side of the Pompoloom shown in the picture to release the pompom. 

6. Now its time to shape the pompom into a pumpkin.


6. Holding the pompom over a bowl, trim down the sides and base into a semi circular shape. 

7.Flatten down the top of the pompom where you are holding it and haven't yet trimmed it. Flattening outwards from the middle then gently shape the sides with the scissors to form the pumpkin shape. 

8. Next cut the green pipe cleaner to about 15cm and thread centrally from top to bottom through the pompom. Curve the end a to create a hook to stop it from moving. 

9. Pull the pipe cleaner up so you can't see the end.

10. Cut down to the size you want the stem and curve over. Cut a leaf shape from the green felt and stick to the base of the stem. To create the face please refer to the end of this post.





White yarn
Length of wire
Black felt
PVA, fabric glue or glue gun
Fabric scissors
 1. Wrap the white yarn around the top of the Pompoloom around 150 times. You want a really dense pompom. 
2. As before cut a length of yarn around 25cm long, double up then tie around the centre of the pompom. Wrap this around and knot a few times to secure the centre. 
3. Use your scissors to remove the pompom from the Pompoloom. 
4. To shape the ghost, curve the pompom at the top then cut straight sides. 
5. Flatten out the base and trim so it is as flat as possible. To create the face see the next section.




Using the felt you can cut out fun eyes, mouths and teeth for your pompom characters. When making pairs of eyes on the whole ensure they are equally sized unless they are deliberately different. Have lots of fun!! 
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