These darling pumpkins really are a beautiful way to use your seasonal pressed flowers. Un-carved pumpkins stay fresh for ages so they are a wonderful way to have a lasting craft through the spooky season.

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  • Small pumpkins, white or pale ones work best.
  • A selection of pressed flowers and leaves, you can use our flower press.
  • Damp sponge
  • Decopatch glue-varnish
  • Paintbrush


  1. Wipe clean the pumpkins with a damp cloth to remove any soil or dust. Ensure they are fully dried with a tea towel before attaching flowers.
  1. You will need a selection of pressed flowers and leaves; you can use the MakeBox flower press to create these.
  1. To attach the flowers to the pumpkins, simply paint the area you want to attach them to with glue first, then press down the flower. Paint over the top of the flower to secure.
  1. You can decorate them as I have with a concentrated collection or individually all over the pumpkin.
  1. You can either use the Decopatch glue-varnish just over the flowers or all over the pumpkin to make it last longer.
  1. Happy making!

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