This wonderful bunting is perfect for a Jubilee Celebration or summer tea party. Using floral papers with scalloped edges and tassels gives an extra pretty look.

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You will need

  • 2 x A4 sheets of navy blue card or card colour of choice for background 
  • 5 x A4 ( or equivalent) sheets of floral or patterned card stock.
  • Paper glue 
  • Scalpel & mat 
  • Metal ruler 
  • Hole punch or skewer ( something to make the holes) 
  • 3 x cheapest embroidery thread or leftover yarn for tassels ( each tassel requires approx 4m)
  • 3m x 1cm- 1.5cm wide ribbon to hang ( or more if you want to make your bunting longer)
  • Stapler
  • 2 x Scalloped paper pattern, printed onto A4 
  • 2 x Union Jack Bunting paper pattern, printed onto A4

This makes 3m of bunting, but you can also simply add in more of the pieces to make the required amount. 

Making the scalloped bunting with tassels 

Print out two copes of pattern onto A4 paper. You can drag and drop this onto your desktop.


Staple the scalloped bunting pattern over the top of 2-3 of the sheets of floral or patterned card ( depending on how thick it is). This means you don't have to take as long cutting it out! If you like you can also cut out the shape then draw it onto the back of the card for the number of repeats. Cut out five in total. 


Cut out the shape with a scaplel. Use the metal ruler to cut the straight line. Go over any areas that haven't cut through to the back.


Very lightly score a line along the top where marked on the pattern. This will fold over the ribbon.


Make a hole at the base of the scallop with a single hole-punch or skewer.


Making the tassel

Cut a length of embroidery thread or thin yarn to about 20cm. 

Wrap the embroidery thread or thin yarn around you hand 19 times.

Ease off your hand and use the 30cm of thread to tie a knot through the loop.

Brush the strands down and trim.Cut another length of thread to 30cm and tie  double knot close to the top as pictured.

Brush the ends down and trim. Loop the tassel at the base of the bunting. 

Repeat for all six scalloped bunting pieces. 


Making the Union Jack Bunting pieces

Print out two copes of pattern onto A4 paper. You can drag and drop this onto your desktop.

Each piece of the Union Jack bunting is made with A5 card as the background. Simply cut each of the 2 x A4 pieces in half, you can do this by folding in half and cutting down the scored line with a ruler and knife. 

Next to cut out the floral ( or patterned) flag pattern strips. Lay the printed out pattern over 2 x sheets of the patterned paper. Staple in place. I find this is the easiest method to cut out more complex shapes. Cut from the middle cross first then work your way out.

Using the scalpel, mat and metal ruler carefully cut out the shapes. 

If you have a tray or plate keep the shapes in order as it's easy to get them mixed up once cut out. 

Repeat this in total four times. 

Now it's time to glue the pieces to the A5 flag bases. Make sure the cross in the middle is a different pattern to the crosses either side. When gluing it's much neater to use a paint brush to apply the glue to the backs of the pieces. 

Allow to dry fully before cutting the v shapes at the bottom.

Finally use a hole punch or skewer to add the two holes at the top of the flag where marked on the pattern. The width of a double hole punch is also fine. 


Compiling the bunting

On a clean table lay out your design before threading it onto the ribbon.  Each section wants to be around 8cm from each other. Try to alternate the patterns, you will know which order works well when you see it. 


Thread ribbon through the two holes at the top of the Union Jack pieces so that the ribbon sits at the back. 


Fold over the tops of the scalloped shapes and staple or glue into place. 


Hang with pride!


Bonus project 

Mini Union Jack Waving Flag

To create this flag simply follow the same instructions as the Union Jack Bunting. The difference is that you will need a wooden stick, dowel or skewer to attach it to. 

Instead of making the holes you fold the card over the stick and glue or staple into place.

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