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THE happy home sewing box


The Happy Home Sewing Box really is the opportunity to build a dream home from the ground up! This darling design is big enough for storing all of your sewing bits and bobs. It really is a wonderful craft project to treasure; adorned with an embroidered outer felt shell. The front of this house features a pink door with a little bee knocker, a vintage pink bike filled with fresh flowers and a white rose arch. Along the sides are stylish topiary trees with raised windows and on the back of the house is a sweet cat waiting at the door. 

There are so many wonderful details on this sewing box from the curved slate roof to the large pearl that clasps it closed. Large enough to store ample threads, buttons and more. Padded enough to add pins to the roof and fully lined, what’s not to love.

Monthly subcriptions will come with the Introducing Paper Making Box (worth £12). This will be sent with your first box.

3+ Month subscriptions will include the Introducing Embroidery Box (worth £12). What's more, we will send the box within a few days so that they have something to put under the tree!

*£40.99 in reference to the shop price of this box (£28.99) + Monthly Free Gift price (£12.00)

 free gift - monthly

introducing paper making worth £12

Free to all new monthly subscribers. This will be sent with your order.

This exquisite and essential paper-making set allows you to transform unwanted papers (perfect for this time of year!) into luxurious craft projects through the art of papermaking.

Included are the 'Paper Making Masterclass' 88-page e-book (delivered with your subscription confirmation email) containing 9 amazing projects and an introduction to the basics of making your own paper and the paper-making wooden frame (delivered with your box which enables you to make the paper.

With so much paper waste from wrapping, cards and envelopes ending up in landfill, this kit allows you to use materials you would otherwise trash and recycle them into premium papers. Guided by the Paper Making Book you will learn some expert skills in making, colouring and converting your paper into beautiful makes.

You will learn these techniques: The art of Paper Making / Book Binding / Wax Sealing / Calligraphy

Projects: Making your own notebooks / Bookmarks / Paper Wreath / Invitations and Letters / Envelopes / Place Names

free gift - 3+ Months

introducing embroidery worth £15

Free to all new 3+ month subscribers. This will be sent within 3 working days of placing your order.

If you have always wanted to try embroidery but never knew where to start, this is the perfect MakeBox for you!

Containing all the essentials you need to get started, we will hold your hand through the basics of embroidery and build your confidence, showing you just how easy this craft is. At MakeBox, we pride ourselves on our gorgeous photographic instructions and access to handy video tutorials on our YouTube page. Supported by our great community on FaceBook, you will never be alone!

This is also the perfect stocking filler or gift for any embroidery enthusiast. The unique embroidery frame included will allow them to create their stunning next piece.

Contains: 5 embroidery threads, White cotton fabric, 10" Embroidery hoop, measuring tape, pins and needle, Photographic Instructions from one of our embroidery projects.

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Absolutley! MakeBox is about discovering new creative skills. We provide full photographic how to instructions in each box. We als have video tutorials and an amazing online community of fellow makers at your disposal who can help with any question 😀

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