I have pimped up my Sunflower and Maple Leaf Wreath extending its use further into autumn with the utterly gorgeous velvet pumpkin set (you get a bag of 7 pumpkins and pinecones).  You need four for the wreath and can use the rest in your autumn displays. Yay! 

You will need (shopping links attached to list) 

1. The first job is to make your Sunflower and Maple Leaf Wreath. All instructions are in the gorgeous box. 

2. Firstly, decide which pumpkins you would like to use and where to place them on the wreath. I have used four, but you can use them depending on their size.

3. Heat up your glue gun. If you would like to remove the pumpkins afterwards you can also use wire to attach them.

4. Bend the leaves and flowers a little to make space for the pumpkins and then add glue to the bottom of the fruit to attach. They will stick easily but press them to secure until the glue has cooled.

5. If you have already made your wreath, cut away the raffia at the top and replace it with 1m of the gingham ribbon. Tie into a luscious bow.

This wreath is so beautiful and really does bring the cosy season into your home!

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